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Events Photography

Macro Photography

One of my favourite subjects to photograph is Macro. It’s challenging and it’s very good when it is captured well when you can see the detail in the small insects. You can purchase some these on my ClickaSnap page. I use a Canon 80D and Sigma 105mm Macro Lens. It takes a while to get…
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Photographing in Low Light

Photographing in low light can be tricky. Most Cameras these days will handle the situation. The Camera I have been using is the Canon 80d. I started out doing the Wrestling Show with the Canon 60D.  The Lenses is also what helps in Low Light, ideally a f2.8 if you have a f4.0 you may…
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Photographing Wrestling

Hi All. This weekend I decided to write about my experience Photographing Wrestling Shows. Been a while working at one, since everything is closed due to world events so I thought I share my experience as a Photographer at ringside. I started ringside photography in 2017. The first event was in my local are for…
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Photographing a Murder Mystery

Hi All Last week I went and Photographed a Murder Mystery event. I  may have mentioned in the last Blog that it was the Habbit Factory, but it was called The Blue Tees, which all the people in the play is also part of the Habbit Factory. It went very well and enjoyed photographing the…
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