Macro Photography

One of my favourite subjects to photograph is Macro. It’s challenging and it’s very good when it is captured well when you can see the detail in the small insects. You can purchase some these on my ClickaSnap page.

I use a Canon 80D and Sigma 105mm Macro Lens. It takes a while to get the right shot and patience.

In this Post is not a Tutorial as such only the way I do things like all me other Post, doesn’t mean it’s write, if you tried and works leave a comment and let me know.

The main mode I use is Shutter Priorities Mode, and change my ISO settings, the lens will make the Apeture a f2.8 as the lens lowes only apeture number.

Wasp by Kevin Troughton
Damseldly by Kevin Troughton

The Shutter Priority and ISO settings I choose depending on the weather. 

i idealy like to use high Shutter Speed as possible and lowest ISO as I can.

I try and keep the Shutter Speed as high as I can near to 1/1000 as possible.

I try and get Photographs any small creature ni matter what some are tricky as they are very small and move fast.