Photographing in Low Light

Photographing in low light can be tricky. Most Cameras these days will handle the situation. The Camera I have been using is the Canon 80d. I started out doing the Wrestling Show with the Canon 60D. 

The Lenses is also what helps in Low Light, ideally a f2.8 if you have a f4.0 you may need to use flash, which with an audience is not good as it can be a distraction for the fans watching.

The best setting to use is probably manual. Because I need to focus on Shutter Priority and control the ISO.

The Shutter Speed I tend to try go up to 1/500 depending on how dark the venue is. It works well withe the ISO which again depending the dark venue you need to be at 1600, or 3200. You sometimes need to increase. At EWA Wrestling it’s dark so 3200 or 6400, so you can get a nice Shutter Speed.

Hope this is helpful. In low light it is mainly about experimenting and not to be afraid of high ISO as Black backgrounds in dark venues help to hide the nice.

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©Kevin Troughton