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Photo Editing

Photo Editing now days is very advance in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. You can replace the sky, get ride of Blemishes and much more advance stuff, it just your imagination. A month or so I mentioned about using Affinity Photo for iPad. I have recently purchased the Desktop, and so far I am impressed got…
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Editing in Lightroom IPad

Hi All. Sorry for late post. Today I am going to talk about the layout of Lightroom CC Mobile. The layout splits into different sections. Light, Color, Effects, Details, Optic and Geometrics. You also have Clone Tools and Radiant Tools. You do have also have other options like in the Gradient Tool you have three…
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Lightroom on Ipad

Hi everyone hope all is well at this time. Today I will talk more about editing on the Ipad. As I have a busy schedule I like to use Ipad to edit my photos. It helps when I am either travelling or on a break. Lightroom opens up with Library Module. The Library Module allows…
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Improving Lightroom CC

Hi All As all Event photography looks to be closing for awhile even possible  that this weekend is the same, so I thought that I will give tips and how I work so it may help someone in the future. Hope all stay save and enjoy this Blog. For many years now since the Mobile…
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