Lightroom on Ipad

Hi everyone hope all is well at this time. Today I will talk more about editing on the Ipad. As I have a busy schedule I like to use Ipad to edit my photos. It helps when I am either travelling or on a break.

Lightroom opens up with Library Module. The Library Module allows me to add photos to an Album or a Folder. Once I placed the photos were I want them to be. I can now start to Flag which Photos I want to pick for my final selection.

Just a note the software may not have all functions like the desktop version but it is adding all the time and has what I need for editing my photos, which is the main thing.

Lightroom CcC
Screen Shot of My Lightroom Ipad
Lightroom CC
Loghtroom Edit Module

Once I select an image, it takes me the Edit Module. Once in the Edit Module you can do basic Edits. When scrolling down you get more advanced options.

Two are good for Wrestling pics. You can alter the White balanced if shooting in Raw which helps, and Noise Reduction which also is better when you have been shooting in Raw.

If required you can do selective Edits using Gradient Tools.

I will give more information about the program soon and Affinity photo and when I use it.