My Photography History

Hi all. I will be doing this in parts as it is a lot of history since 2009.

I started the hobby of Digital Photography back in 2008 and did my first event in roughly 2009. It was an event at a Bupa Nursing home, photographing the event and my local MP. I did photos for them for a while along with a Charity. 

In 2012 I photographed a Wedding for the first time, and it was a nice bright sunny day made it awkward with white balance with a Black suite and White dress.

I did another Wedding the next year or so then I had a break for a bit.

In part two I will talk about when I come back better and started Wrestling Photography in more detail than I wrote before.

You can buy some photos on this site or at ClickaSnap.

Hope to do a new Blog next week. I am now also starting to use Tumblr.