Photographing & Editing

This week is another busy week of work. I am doing two days in a row. One of the days is Wrestleforce in Hamel Hamestead, and the other is The DKW Academy in its home town of Purfleet.

I thought I do a Blog before hand to show the best way for editing and sending pictures to clients when you have two in a row. Especially when the first one is in the evening and the second one is in the afternoon.

I will say that if you are able to the Tablet like an iPad for example is your best friend when it comes to this when you want things done quick, or a very portable laptop.

On the way home from the first show I tend to put it all on the Ipad so I can at least start to edit a few important ones. When I am on the way to thenext show, if I get a chance I start to edit some of the others and then finish at night after work. The second show ones are done a similar way.

If you going to go the tablet route you will need either one with a big storage space, or a good cloudstorage. You will also need good editing software that would be suitable for your needs.

I have been testing out a few from Lightroom Mobile (CC) to Raw Power and Affinity Photo.

Still yet to deside but if you want to not go the Adobe way a mixture of Raw Power and Affinity Photos are good

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