Improving in Lowlight

This past week I had two different types of lighting situations to coupe with, both were two very different types of extreme lighting conditions, but required very similar set up.

First thing to decide is how much speed I require, in Wrestling I need at least 1/500 but you probably can get away with 1/320

I may adopt the idea of using Auto ISO next time I am in a Theatre, just to see what the result is afterwards, aswell as setting my own. A good example to try this is when I am next working with the Habbit Factory, which I have in a couple of weeks I can test it out then.

Once I have the settings right, I can then focus on the composition. As I have watched Wrestling since 1991, I am familiar with the moves and the way promo pics work.

I have a show booked on Sunday for DKW Academy in Purfleet at Fondo. I also just booked another Wrestleforce show in Hemel Hamstead. I look forward to get more great photos.

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