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Photographing & Editing

This week is another busy week of work. I am doing two days in a row. One of the days is Wrestleforce in Hamel Hamestead, and the other is The DKW Academy in its home town of Purfleet. I thought I do a Blog before hand to show the best way for editing and sending …

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Improving in Lowlight

This past week I had two different types of lighting situations to coupe with, both were two very different types of extreme lighting conditions, but required very similar set up. First thing to decide is how much speed I require, in Wrestling I need at least 1/500 but you probably can get away with 1/320 …

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Danger Zone

New Website/New Year

[the_ad id=”1339″] Not been Posting a Blog for a while, been on a good and busy schedule with the Wrestling Events¬†The new website will now contain a new a fresh look, that is more modern. You will be able to purchase photos through our site, and it will feel more quicker to look at my …

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