About the Day to Day info on my Photography.

Last Weeks Weather

Hope all of you enjoyed last weeks weather, what a nice week to take the camera out. That is what I did and did some Macro Photography. I tried to capture some of the Insect life and had enjoyed it. I use a Canon 80d and a Sigma Macro Lens 105mm. I enjoy this lens …

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Filling In The Frame

This week I will be talking about Filling in the Frame with composition. This composition is used in a lot of in Wildlife and Sports etc. By filling in the frame you can show more interest in the action with no distractions. When you fill in the frame, because of no distractions you the subject …

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Basic Composition

Leading Lines A Leading Line is a good way to lead the viewer to the main subject that you want the viewer to focus on. Not a good example as there is nothing at the end of the river, but reflection is a fill in to. ake it interesting. Remember that a shop is on …

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Basic Composition

Rule of Thirds There are many rules in Photography, the main basic one that will be familiar with Photographers is the Rule of Thirds. The rule thirds is when you place the main subject to one side of the image either on the left or right or if its a sky a third from the …

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