Charity Football Match

Hi All.

As mentioned on my last Blog I managed to Photograph my first Football match for a NC Construction that was raising money for a Charity called St Frances Hospice.

It was a really enjoyable event, and enjoy the experience of photographing a Football match.

The settings was challenging as the weather was constantly changing throughout the match. I managed to keep the ISO at 800 and the Shutter Speed over 1/1000 on TV using a Canon 80D and a 70 – 300mm Lens.

Photograoh from Hornchurch Football Stadium
Photograoh from Hornchurch Football Stadium

I mostly stayed in the same place as it had a good angle for when the players was coming towards me. I decided as I was staying and used a Mono Pod 

This week I will be back at The Habbit Factory. Another Charity Photographing a Murder Mystery.

It is a good event and it is a bit like Photographing live Play. I will try and use I high ISO of 3200 or so. I will not need much in a way of Shutter Speed as they are not moving as fast like in Wrestling or Football.

I will have the Galleries up for the Football and the Murder Mystery soon.