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Events Photography

Basic Composition

Rule of Thirds There are many rules in Photography, the main basic one that will be familiar with Photographers is the Rule of Thirds. The rule thirds is when you place the main subject to one side of the image either on the left or right or if its a sky a third from the…
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Photo Editing

Photo Editing now days is very advance in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. You can replace the sky, get ride of Blemishes and much more advance stuff, it just your imagination. A month or so I mentioned about using Affinity Photo for iPad. I have recently purchased the Desktop, and so far I am impressed got…
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Macro Photography

One of my favourite subjects to photograph is Macro. It’s challenging and it’s very good when it is captured well when you can see the detail in the small insects. You can purchase some these on my ClickaSnap page. I use a Canon 80D and Sigma 105mm Macro Lens. It takes a while to get…
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Photographing in Low Light

Photographing in low light can be tricky. Most Cameras these days will handle the situation. The Camera I have been using is the Canon 80d. I started out doing the Wrestling Show with the Canon 60D.  The Lenses is also what helps in Low Light, ideally a f2.8 if you have a f4.0 you may…
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My Photography History

Hi all. I will be doing this in parts as it is a lot of history since 2009. I started the hobby of Digital Photography back in 2008 and did my first event in roughly 2009. It was an event at a Bupa Nursing home, photographing the event and my local MP. I did photos for…
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